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This portal is your online gateway to the information and resources at the school/institute. It provides you a range of personalized information as per your role. Staff and Management can manage their routine tasks whereas the students and their parents can keep themselves updated about the school’s activities. It is advisable to everyone to log-in the portal at regular interval so as to not miss any important information.

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School Motto
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The school logo epitomizes the ethos of the institution and enshrines of the luminaries of R.P.M. The “Swastika” comes from the Sanskrit suastika – “SU” means “Good”, “Asti” means “To be” and “ka” as a suffix. It represent life, sun, power, strength, goodluck and positive conatations. The educational philosophy of the institutions is inspired by means to bring out the hidden qualities and discovering one’s innate talents and abilities. The noble odyssey of the institution is “Spreading the light of Knowledge, truth, joy, wisdom and promoting the spiritual, religious and cultural values”